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Profit & Cost


You can add your profit $ percentage to the cost price of the product.
We do not charge you sales tax on each product sold charge or calculate in percent or Charges applicable for each withdrawal.
You are responsible for paying taxes on the profits you make in your jurisdiction within your country.
The cost price “production + shipping” will be deducted and your total profit made on your sales will remain in your account.
When your earnings reach $ 20 or more you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account, just click “Withdraw” and process your order within 4 business days. and you can use your earnings in your Pinteeshirt purchases if the amount in “Current Balance” covers the whole order.


Prepare the design file for printing


We made it as easy as possible for you to upload your designs on Pinteeshirt

There are some technical specifications to keep in mind when uploading your design.

The requirements

To ensure the highest quality product, png files work better, just make sure to upload high-resolution designs. You can also upload the highest quality .jpg files. upload the design file according to the size mentioned below the product in the seller dashboard > design launcher page, with a resolution minimum of 100 PPI/DPI and no more than a maximum of 300 PPI/DPI this preparation makes the product great.

All designs files must meet these specifications for a successful upload into our platform:

Print file requirements
Minimum of 100 PPI/DPI
Maximum of 300 PPI/DPI
sRGB color
PNG or JPG file types supported
Maximum file size 50MB

4500px x 5400px
T-shirts – front or back
Long sleeve t-shirts – front or back
Crewneck sweatshirt – front or back
Hoodie – front or back
Tank tops – front or back

4500px x 4050px
Hoodie – front or back

1300px x 1600px
Mug white ceramic – front or back
Mug black ceramic – front or back

3000px x 3000px
Square pillow – front or back
AOP tote bag – front or back
tote bag – front only
Unisex flip-flops – front only

2000px x 5000px
Casual leggings – front and side or back and side

1200px x 2200px
Phone cases all models – front and side

1200px x 720px
Unisex twill hat – front only
Knit beanie – front only

6000px x 7000px
Shower curtains – front only

4700px x 9200px
Polycotton towel – front only

500px x 500px
Custom pin buttons – front only

7200px x 10800px
Posters – front – length or front – width

1800px x 2500px
Notebook – cover

Note: This product list is subject to update and an increase in products.


Advantages for Seller’s


We guarantee you
Exemption from paying taxes
Minimum withdraw amount: 20.00 USD
Withdraw threshold: 4 days

Create affiliate account.


We save you a lot of work


We do of that

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Upcoming advantages for Seller’s


Strive to provide the best experience for sellers and customers

International shopping

We are now expanding to new markets and implementing new languages so that all of our visitors can scroll through Pinteeshirt, and offer new currencies, to improve the shopping experience for our international customers.

Store seller improvement

We are interested in developing a seller store in terms of reaching the largest number of customers in search engines and social media, and we are also interested in updating the look of the seller store, which makes it a beautiful store while browsing customers.

New products

We will add more different products, making you enable you to choose the right product for your design.

New categories

We always update categories, allowing users to browse product topics more easily. The list of available categories will be constantly updated over time.